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  Summer sent Cup ice tea and let it take away your hot, hot winter sent Cup Lulu, let it give you warm; just glad at this time sending Cup, Pepsi bless you!(夏日送杯冰红茶,让它带走您的炎热;冬日送杯热露露,让它给您温暖;此时送杯高兴就好,祝福您百事可乐!)

  You are extraordinary, you are special, extraordinary and special Zhiyuan was accompanied by you! Special extraordinary + = happiness, joy!(你是平凡的,你是特别的,只愿平凡与特别伴随于你!平凡+特别=幸福,快乐!)

  You are a GREat teacher, like others lit a candle burning themselves. I wish you a happy holiday, take care of themselves!(老师您是伟大的,像一支蜡烛照亮别人燃烧自己。祝您节日快乐,保重身体!)

  Return when the teacher is not tomorrow, not yesterday but is now - today. "Happy holidays, my teacher!"(回报老师的时候不是昨天也不是明天而是正在此时--今天。"节日快乐,我的老师!")

  When I entered the gate that day, you have given me endless care, when I take the school that day, you have to pay you all. Fortunately, the expense of the teachers you!(当我踏进校门的那一天,你给了我无尽的关怀,当我踏出校门的'那一天,你已经付出了你的全部。老师你幸苦了!) Teachers, consumption is at your own efforts have done our growth. Two years later, Who is your shoulders Fuqu the Fenbi Hui ?(老师,是您不惜耗干了自己的心血才有了我们的成长。2年后的今天,是谁为您拂去双肩的粉笔灰?)

  Miss you, miss you - teachers! For your blessing and will miss the growing, Momo scenes with deep feeling and blessing Ying Man, the good life of peace!(想念您,怀念您--老师!对您的怀念与祝福将与日俱增,让一幕幕脉脉深情与祝福盈满,好人一生平安!)

  Night lights, illuminate your white hair, September 10 your holidays, rest breaks!(深夜的灯光,照亮了您的白发,9月10日您放假,休息休息吧!)

  Gently out GREetings, do not want to alarm you, you just want to really know whether all. Physical well-being of students is the greatest comfort.(轻轻一声问候,不想惊扰您,只想真切知道您一切是否安好。身体安康是学生们最大的安慰。)

  Thank you for all!(谢谢您付出的一切!)

  sir, when I go to school in the little-known, but your respect, so that now I can no longer remain silent, I would say that out: Hello, teacher!(sir,在上学的时候我就默默无闻,但对于您的尊敬,使现在的我不能再沉默,我要说一声:老师您好!)

  Teacher: every Yilv the sun is my best wishes for your every one I see the stars is your eyes, holding each Siyu I deeply miss you, miss you.(老师:每一缕的阳光是我对您的祝福,每一颗星星是我看您的眼睛,每一丝雨牵着我对您深深地思念,想念你。)

  Never forget your smiling face, can not be forgotten memories of their youth heavy. Hopefully, the moon Trinidad send Love, Hello's life blessed peace.(忘不了您的笑脸,遗忘不了青春厚重的记忆。但愿明月千里寄相思,祝福您好人一生平安。)

  Teacher, the teacher, dear teacher! September 10, your birthday! Students wishing you always happy!(老师、老师,亲爱的老师!九月十日,您的!学生祝您永远快乐!)

  I respect the teachers, my success is the support given to you, a thousand words a "thank you" - you're a teacher I will never, never a friend!(我尊敬的老师,我的成功是您给予的支持,千言万语一声"谢谢"--您是我永远的老师,永远的朋友!)

  Dear gardener: Hello! Under the hard work you have made GREat achievements,桃李满天下. Sincerely wish you a happy Teacher's Day!(尊敬的园丁:您好!在辛勤耕耘下您已是硕果累累,桃李满天下。衷心祝您教师节快乐!)

  Teachers, you accept a belated GREetings! When I at the beginning of the division well, I feel you have to become our efforts have paid a number!(老师,请您接受一份迟到的问候吧!当我初为人师时,我才感受到您曾经为我们的成才付出了多少心血!)

  Teacher: I was the sun every Yilv of your blessings, each is a star I see your eyes, holding each slightest drizzle I deeply miss you, miss you.(老师:每一缕阳光是我对您的祝福,每一颗星星是我看您的眼睛,每一丝细雨牵着我对您深深思念,想念您。)

  The ends of the earth have made, only Shien infinite period. Bless you, teachers!(天涯海角有尽处,只有师恩无穷期。祝福您,老师!)

  Send a message bless you, to express my deep liking. Tao Li Hua Yu Man the world, often in your heart happy!(送个祝福语您,深深表达我心意。桃李天下漫花雨,幸福常在您心底!)

  Dear teachers, a thousand words can not express the gratitude of the I, I can only say that I am the truth: the teachers happy holidays, you would like to have a better tomorrow.(老师您好,千言万语表达不了我的感激之情,我只说一句我的心里话:老师节日快乐,愿您有一个更美好的明天。)

  Hello, teacher! Sabian is your painstaking efforts of the broad masses of students, your hard work cultivating a new generation of Tianzhijiaozai, I wish you happy holidays and good health.(老师您好!是您的心血撒遍了广大莘莘学子,您的辛劳培养了新一代天之骄子,祝您节日快乐,身体健康。)

  With you, my life was wonderful! ! Thank you! My teacher!(有了你,我的一生才精彩!!谢谢你!我的老师!)

  Teachers -the season winds my Yanmouyula in the minds of several from the screen and off screen and can not help but recall the past quietly regards to your childhood.(老师--感念的季节风吹过我的眼眸雨落在心中几番幕起又幕落忍不住又忆起童年往事悄悄问候您。)

  Teachers, you are a tall and straight trees, the guitar had been a mature fruit, in your years under the old engraved on the ring, you are next to the rise of a lush forest.(老师,您是一棵挺拔的树,曾结过成熟的果实,岁月在您的身上镌刻下苍老的年轮,您的身旁却崛起一片森林郁郁葱葱。)

  When the stars hiding in the distant horizon, vaguely lights still shining in your window. It is precisely because of your perseverance, we have bright future! Thank you, teachers!(当星星隐匿在遥远的天际,依稀的灯光依然闪亮在您窗前。正因您的执着,才有我们璀璨的明天!谢谢您,老师!)

  Teachers, I will you, as I work on the aircraft lights. In our common holiday is approaching, I wish you a backgammon! ! ! !(老师,我会把你作为我工作路上的航灯。在我们共同的节日来临之即,祝你们步步高!!!!)

  "Indomitable willpower can conquer the world on any one peak," when you teach Lietu Pingci Today, I manage to life. Teachers, your hard!("顽强的毅力可以征服世界上任何一座高峰",当年您凭此教导劣徒,今天我以此驾驭人生。老师,您辛苦啦!)

  Tian Dixia the teachers, you are not responsible for the dazzling stars, with your bright star that lit up each student's soul, and bless you, thank you!(天底下的老师们,您们是天上耀眼的星星,用您们那明亮的星光照亮每一位学生的心灵,祝福您们,感谢您们!)

  Teachers, so when children call me, just like that…… Today, I sincerely Duinin Shui sound: the teacher, you had hard.(老师,当孩子们这样称呼我时,犹如当年……今天我衷心地对您说声:老师,您辛苦了。)

  Teacher, the gift table like a token of the students: I hope that when you turn the invigilators a blind eye; Panjuan paper when Gaotaiguishou; write reviews, a lot of kind words.(老师,这份礼物略表学生的一点心意:希望您监考时睁一只眼闭一只眼;判卷纸时高抬贵手;写评语时多多美言。)

  You no longer hear the teachings, for me, really sorry. I pay for you to the hard work, I thought that was not, I say "teacher, hello!"(再也听不到你的教诲,对我来说,真是遗憾。对于你为我付出的辛劳,我无以为报,我说一声"老师,你好!")

  Time passes, we have grown up to your Liangbin already Banbai. We can only Duinin Shui: to vote in the Peach, at the Lee, teachers, Thank you!(岁月流逝,我们都已长大可您的两鬓却已斑白。我们只能对您说:投之以桃,报之以李,老师,谢谢您!)

  Days teachers are black, you Guaiguai, Zaodian Shui bar, good night! Teachers we like them you laugh, you laugh together pretty good, really!(老师天都黑了,您乖乖的,早点睡吧,晚安!老师我们喜欢您笑嘛,您笑起来好漂亮,真的!)

  I Tuoqi is your ideal for sail; you lit the fires of my knowledge. You are a respected person in my life!(是您托起我的理想之帆;是您点燃我的知识之火。您是我一生敬重的人!)












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